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Bodø - New Cityhall extension
Bodø, Norway 2013.

project: Cityhall extension
site: Bodø, Norway
year : 2013.
status: competition - purchase
size: 6500 m2
design: sporaarchitects – Ádám Hatvani, Orsolya Vadász, Tibor Dékány

team: Henrik Ceccaroli, Dávid Tarcali, Bence Pásztor, Jelena Mihalek
Bence Várhidi

The new building follows the forms of the existing structure and imitates the tradional Norwegian Architecture – As the new city hall is a symbol of the “city house of Bodø”.
The new structure consist of a double façade - between the two facades, half tempered air is circulating – a space between inside and outside.
The space between the two facades opens the possibility for different heights and headrooms; from single, double to triple story openings. This gives the possibility for “green pockets”: Plants and trees to grow in a half tempered climate. In wintertime, the exterior façade will be closed so that the plants survive the harsh and long north Norwegian winter. In periods with light and warmer weather conditions, the facades can be opened and use the natural ventilation as long as it is possible.
The new “green pockets” will provide the office areas with a pleasant atmosphere for both working and breaks.
A new public space established between the buildings in the courtyard. The New City hall is open and accessible from each side of the town. The Ground floor gives space for public functions e.g. Lobby, café, Info center, playroom and bicycle parking. These functions, together with the public square are for the public realm and give the possibility for public events and arrangements to take place such as concerts, lectures, art projects, celebrations or other happenings that gather people
The shape of the project reflects the character of the original Cityhall. A new transparent skin is proposed (jacket of the house) which envelope the inner volume. Between inner and outer façade “green pockets” are established with a half tempered climate filled with vegetation, which in an aesthetical and climate way enrich the working conditions of the city hall.
The building appears as two large gable roof shaped volumes, with clear references to traditional Bodø constructions and buildings. The L-shaped plan connects the existing city hall structure as well as the bank. An inner shielded courtyard which purpose is for both lobby and public space for official arrangements. The courtyard is accessible from three points, making it open and accessible to the people.
Parts of the construction are cantilevered and floating over the bank, as the building is heritage protected. This creates entrance portal to the inner courtyard. By placing the new extension in connection to the existing city hall, it establishes a good connection and close relations between working spaces in new and old structure. The structure is sculpturally designed and adapts to existing buildings. The shape/design associates to the diffuse north Norwegian light and have a local character.