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Geneve, Swiss 2009. competition

address: Geneve, CH
client: WTO - World Trade Organization
year designed: 2009
status: open international competition
volume: 10000 m2
design: sporaarchitects - Tibor Dékány, Ádám Hatvani, Orsolya Vadász
Ambrus Evva, Balázs Csapó
team: Zsuzsa Balogh, Noémi Soltész, Diana Molnár, András Jánosi

During the elaboration of the architectural concept, we have been keeping in mind and aiming to express the spirit of WTO, transparency, clear communication and the leading role of the consensus. In the monolithic unity and reticulated raster compilation of the building, random yards and cuttings appear, creating transmittance and interesting spatial situations. The sequence of yards and skipped units create a clear-out view, rhyming with the communication among the users of the building. Through the transparent façade and the porosity of the volume, the natural environment also becomes part of the building. Nevertheless, the relation to the old building has also been an important point of view. Accordingly, parts of the enlargement and the articulation of the building fit to the existing structure.
The building’s design traces out the volume of a clear geometric cuboid. This prism is articulated by four inner courtyards, weawing on important optical points. Eroding the extreme wing, the courtyards and the communicating parts will be illuminated by natural light. These scallops standing out playfully on the facade are also reflected by the glass segmentation of the upper floors, so that – in spite of the block-like volume – the house is shown as more human and airy. The transparent facade and the modular layout structure transmit the essential spirit of the WTO.
The architecture of the wooden structured office levels and the groundfloor are divided by a stripe of site concrete passing along the whole building. The bracket-like pattern on the place of the entrance hall is being transformed as an organic form, emphasizing with its characteristic lines the representative spaces of the building. The organic design is also reflected on the landscape architecture elements of the groundfloor, just like on the shape of the corridors leading to the main building. In the meanwhile, the facade’s architecture of the groundfloor is of still, neutral design that suits the function.