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Budapest, Hungary 2008. invited competition

work: ’Heart of Budapest’– City Hall forum
location: Budapest
year of design: 2008
status: exclusive competition
size: 141000m2
team: sporaarchitects –Tibor Dékány, Sándor Finta, Ádám Hatvani, Orsolya Vadász
Ambrus Evva, Zsuzsa Balogh, Bence Várhidi, Noémi Soltész, András Jánosi, Diána Molnár
cultural heritage specialist: Csaba Fekete
garden: Krisztina Hollósi

As part of a city development programme called ’Heart of Budapest’, the task of this plan was to accomplish a 21st century rehabilitation, reconstruction and enlargement of the Budapest City Hall in compliance with its architectural surrounding. Besides giving space to cultural and business functions, administrative functions were to be located in the most suitable way. In order to restitute the central importance and rank of the inner city, it is of primary importance to lessen the traffic of the area by providing priority for pedestrian- and bicycle traffic and public transport as well as to confine through traffic radically.
The aim of the project is the high standard renovation of those nearby areas of Budapest that serve as gates of the inner city. This includes re-consideration of traffic issues, road surfaces and green areas, the reuniting of dissectioned spaces and the marked representation of their role and importance in shaping the cityscape.
The City Hall forum is an urban meeting point of politics, commerce and culture. We have designed the building complex to allow these functions to interlace and form a creative, dynamic and productive relationship.
The City Hall building- once the Invalid house, a military hospital- is an outstanding example of baroque architecture in Hungary. In its present state, with a double courtyard and cross-winged structure, the building still shows the unfinished state of A.E. Martinelli’s original concept.
This plan actually aims to complete the original concept, using contemporary forms of architectural expression. The present building would be both a reconstruction of the baroque city hall building in strict compliance with national heritage regulations and an up-to-date new building section that fulfils modern requirements and fits into the characteristic atmosphere of Károly körút.