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Budapest, Hungary 2003.

address: 4. Zsemle st. Budapest, Hungary
client: private
year desined: 2003
status: completed in 2004
budget: 80000 Euro
volume: 150 m2
design: Tibor Dékány, Ádám Hatvani

The building to be extended is the middle unit of three semi-detached houses located on a slope. The buildings were designed by architects for their own use in the 1960s, the actual house was constructed and built by the architect himself. The houses are connected by their exterial shape and the appliance of stone face-work. For them, the use of ashlar facing was a basic condition of the building licence, which led to spontaneously well-proportioned, ageless houses constructed, representing a quality quite independent from the architecture of the period.

During the planning of the extension we stayed within this architectural medium. The building has been extended by a kitchen and dining room unit and has gone through internal modifications. The entrance has been moved to the street-side front. The dining room is connected to the fine backyard by a southwards orientated deck. At the street-side front the entrance can be seen through a small opening, while the larger angle-window looks on the nice alpine garden nearby.
As for building materials, after several versions we finally decided to stick to stone face-work, combined with polished stone and wood-facing, which continues the simple handicraft style of the original house.