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Budapest, Hungary 2010.

project: exhibition design: ...on the eastern front -video art from central and eastern europe 1989–2009
location: LUDWIG MUSEUM Budapest, Hungary
year designed: 2009-2010
year built: January 22, 2010. - March 07, 2010.
budget: N/A
volume: 1000m2
design: Tibor Dékány, Sándor Finta, Ádám Hatvani, Orsolya Vadász
team: Noémi Soltész
Curators: Rita Kálmán, Tijana Stepanović
photo: Tamás Bujnovszky+sporaarchitects

The exhibition examines the effects of the changes taking place in the region of the former Soviet Bloc on the individual and on various groups of society from the aspect of socio-psychology. It focuses on the human dimensions of the transition beginning from the end of the eighties and on, micro-processes involved.
The exhibited works addressing society with severe criticism, document, analyse and contextualise this complex region and period. But rather than offering definite answers, they probe issues that were typically avoided or swept under the carpet in the public common discourse of the countries in the region.