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Győr, Hungary 2008. competition 3rd prize

address: Győr, Hungary
client: City Council Győr
year designed: 2008
status: international competition
volume: 6000 m2
design: sporaarchitects - Dékány Tibor, Hatvani Ádám, Vadász Orsolya
Evva Ambrus,
Balogh Zsuzsa, Várhidi Bence, Soltész Noémi, Jánosi András, Molnár Diána
model: limesmodel

The architectural concept strives for uniform thinking with movement, openness and interaction in the focus. The individual elements, the building and the environment convey the spirit of the centre as parts of the whole. The levels of the multi-storey structure but still one-room exhibition space are connected by ramps and stairs. Passing through the exhibition space, the visitor can enter into small details while still having an overview of the whole. The space allows for maximum mobility and flexibility, also it inspires progressing and discovery thus making movement an integral part of the building. The concept is a direct reference to the mentality of vehicle and car production, development and solutions. The functions of the building are organised into a compact unit, which – like bodywork to the car – will later receive the outer shell that clearly reflects the functionality behind as it gently stretches on the mess of function.