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Budapest, Hungary 2004. invited competition

Covered aqua-park, hotel, tropicarium, music palace, park

address: Kopaszi gát, 1115 Budapest, Hungary
type: invited competition
year designed: 2004
status: unbuilt
designed by: Tibor Dékány, Sándor Finta, Ádám Hatvani, Orsolya Vadász

Design concept
Kopaszi gát – 11th district – Budapest, Hungary – 200.000sq.m. firm ground, 112.000sq.m. water surface.
The location is a special area in South Buda, a spacious gulf of the river Danube, environed by a barrage covered in natural plantage as well as a manufactory and concrete works. The actual design location is encircled by office- industrial- and living areas.
It has been a basic concept of our design that the buildings should be located in separate units rather than a mass, still linked together functionally.
The buildings, which are of different characteristics owing to the different functions they serve, 'spring up' from the common park, a park designed to be carpet-like trending, with the edges beaded and ramped back here and there. All parking lots needed can then be located at areas under the beaded terrain.
The Hotel and Conference Center has been located at the North-Eastern corner of the area- connected to the music tower by a covered space between. This block of buildings is connected to the aqua-park by the bevelled glass-prism blocks of the subterranean tropicarium.
As compared to the more intensively built-in area of the northern part, the barrage is more spacy with its small pubs and restaurants and provides a more relaxing atmosphere. The gulf-side of the barrage is lined by a series of floating stages offering catering-, sports- and water port fascilities.

Hotel 2500sq.m. ground-space+15000sq.m./300db parking lot, 300 rooms, Conference Center with room for 800 ps., restaurants, bars, swimming pool, sauna, wellness-fittness
Tropicarium 3000sq.m. ground-space, 5 mammoth aquariums, 32 small aquariums and terrariums, 4 palm-houses, 1 waterfall-house, auditorium with 120 seats, research rooms with multimedia fascilities, café
Music-tower 2800sq.m. ground-space, 1 great concert hall with at least 800 seats, 7 flexible concert halls, buffets, bars, exhibition rooms
Aqua-park 10000 sq.m. groundspace, 8000sq.m. parking lot, 3600 sq.m. water surface, 20 giant slides, wellness-fittness, sauna, bars, restaurants